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Wind Engineering Information Center

APEC Wind Hazard Mitigation Center main
Wind Engineering Information Center
Wind Engineering Research Center
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The School of Architecture & Wind Engineering
Global COE program secretariat
Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugishi Iiyama 1583

Wind Engineering Information Center
Wind Engineering Information Center
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TPU Aerodynamic Database:
Wind pressures acting on various types of building models

Database of universal equivalent static wind load distribution:
A collection of universal equivalent wind load distribution for various roof type of low-rise buildings.

Database of Cross Ventilation:
Results obtained from CFD simulations, including mean velocity vectors, contours of wind pressure coefficient and stream tubes. Experimental data is under construction.

Database of Indoor/Outdoor Air Pollution:
A collection of data on Indoor/Outdoor pollution.

IT Contents:
Lectures given by the COE members and a collection of COE open seminars.

Meteorological Data (Wind Hazard) of APEC economics:
A collection of wind hazard maps, records of damages and losses caused by winds and, design wind speed.

Reports on wind disasters in APEC economies:
Aftermath of typhoon - property losses and economy losses are investigated.

Other wind loading related issues.

Prof. Modi Commemoration Hall: