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Flow calibrator

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Flow calibrator

This flow calibrator measures a wide range of volumetric flow rates of gases from approximately 1 cm3/min to 24000cm3/min. It is the Tokyo Polytechnic University standard for measurement of volumetric flow rate of gases. The calibrator is a volume displacement device which utilizes a glass cylinder of precisely known cross-sectional area. The cylinder is fitted with a light weight piston which rises inside the cylinder as gas flows into the system. A ring of mercury between the piston and cylinder wall assures an air tight and low friction seal. The volume flow rate of input gas is determined by measuring the time for the piston to move a fixed distance hence displacing a fixed volume. Three such cylinders are provided, giving full-scale displacements of 200, 1200 and 12000cm3. The error on the precision accuracy is kept less than 0.2%.

Figure 1. Flow calibrator