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Hot-wire anemometry

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Hot-wire anemometry

The flow measurement is conducted by using the hot wire anemometry. A Split-fiber probe of DANTEC (55R55 and 55R56) and CTA (constant temperature adjustment) Module (90C10) are used. The Split-fiber probe is a dual-sensor fiber-film probe. The sensors are deposited on a common quartz fiber in two parallel paths, arch covering nearly half of the cylinder circumference. The working principle is based on the variation of the local heat-transfer coefficient with flow-angle for a heated cylinder placed in a cross-flow. The sum of the heat transfer from the two sensors depends only on flow velocity (scalar velocity), while the difference depends on both flow velocity and flow angle (one-component or directional velocity).

Two different probes are used during the measurement: 55R55 straight probe, which is able to measure u-velocity component; and 55R56 90° probe (for w- velocity component). The calibration of the split-fiber probe is conducted daily before measurements.


Photo 1. Hot-wire anemometer


Photo 2. Split-fiber probe for measuring directional flow velocity components