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Thermally stratified wind tunnel

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Thermally stratified wind tunnel

An overview of the thermally stratified wind tunnel and its arrangement plan are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively. This wind tunnel is a closed circuit type with a test section of 1.2m wide, 1.0m high, and 9.3m long. The tunnel air is blown through by a fan driven from a 5.5 kW DC motor. The minimum wind speed is 0.5m/s. It is equipped with four aluminum screens (opening ratio = 61.5%) at the diffuser section and a honeycomb after this section. The contraction ratio is 0.25. Flow temperature is controlled by a temperature profile cart which is installed between the contraction cone and the test section. The floor of the test section is composed of six panels with cold water and electric sheet heaters. Observation windows are set along the test section.


Figure1. Overview of the thermally stratified wind tunnel


Figure2. Arrangement plan of the wind tunnel